Thank you for your interest in the WFC 2023 Art Show! This is a juried show and you will need to submit to the panel for review before you can move forward with the process. You can submit to the panel via the registration form as an artist who needs approval or by emailing the director at . Once the panel has reviewed your work and made a determination you will receive notification via email of their judgment. That email will also include additional details of your next steps.

Artwork Guidelines: Artwork must meet the following criteria to be accepted and eligible:

  • Artwork should have a science fiction, fantasy, Steampunk, horror, or astronomical theme.
  • Work you submit must be your own artwork—that is, designed and executed by you, the artist.
    • No plagiarized images, trademark or copyright violations, or other illegal uses will be tolerated.
    • No hand-­colored versions of others’ designs will be accepted, whether you have the artist’s permission to color them or not.
    • If you have permission to use a trademarked image (example: media portraits of recognizable trademarked characters), please furnish documentation to this effect.
  • This is a family art show. Some of our art patrons are under age 12. Graphic images of disturbing horror, explicit sexuality, and/or violence are not acceptable. (Please note: simple nudity itself does NOT constitute “explicit sexuality”). The Art Show staff reserves the right to refuse to display any work that we judge violates this rule.
  • No AI generated art. All submissions must be created by the artist and not artificial intelligence.
  • All art media are acceptable; however, excessively messy or smelly pieces may be excluded on an individual basis, at the discretion of the art show staff, for practical reasons. Please specify your medium/media accurately on your  bid sheet, so buyers have clear information.
  • If you need special accommodations display such as a power hookup,  please check with us well in advance of the show!
  • Prints will be accepted.
    • Multiple originals (etchings, woodcuts, serigraphs,  prints individually hand‐colored by the artist,etc.) should be reserved for the Main Display only.
    • Open-­edition reproduction prints are restricted to the Print Shop.
    • Signed, numbered, limited edition reproduction prints may be displayed in either area.


Panel 2′ wide X 6′ tall – $50

Table 3′ X 6′ – $50 (half tables are available at $25)

Print shop (up to 20 prints) – $25 (additional up to 20 prints are $25)

Just Print Shop (no panel or table) – $50