Completion Deadline is September 10th.  

Hello! We’re your World Fantasy Convention 2023 programming committee.

We would love to know more about the types of programming that you would like to see and the types of panels that you would most like to participate in.

We are interested in crafting a diverse spectrum of panels which spans the rich field of the fantasy and horror professional markets. We also want panels that bring in the various parts of the fantasy publishing industry, such as panels for and on agents, editors, publishers, art directors, etc., and those that are related to our theme, “Everything’s Up To Date In Kansas City”. 

This is a hybrid convention, part physical and part virtual. We are still working out the virtual details but it’s going to be exciting. We are going to set up tests and classes as needed and want to include anyone who wishes to make sure their equipment is set up properly. Details will be provided later.

World Fantasy at its heart is about networking and making connections. We hope that your experiences at the 2023 convention strengthen and broaden your writing and artistic path.

Please Note: This is a quest to find out more information about you and the subjects you would most like to speak about. The final panelists have not been selected. While we will do our very best to accommodate all qualified applicants, we cannot absolutely guarantee everyone a place on the program.  

You can email us at with suggestions or comments at any time

Availability.  The Convention is October 26-29, 2023 Thursday thru Sunday. It starts 3:00 pm on Thursday. There will be pre-con panels on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. What days and hours of the convention do you expect to be available? If you are a Virtual participant, we also need your time zone. Don’t have your travel arrangements yet? Please let us know when you know.

Workshops and Panels on the Craft of Writing. World Fantasy is a professional convention for the Fantasy and Horror genres. The panels at the official part of the convention are concerned with the business and philosophic side of Fantasy and Horror.  But on Wednesday and early Thursday, workshops and craft panels are allowed. If you have a workshop you would like to present or craft panels you would like to propose, please let us know. These may be all virtual or hybrid virtual.

Upcoming Projects: Do you have any book signings, appearances, workshops, or showings before the end of the year that our Social Media people can mention? We’d love to let people know about your project as well as advertise your appearance at the 2023 World Fantasy Convention. We can’t guarantee to use everything. Our social media folk have also designed a graphic to accompany photos advertising you at WFS 2023.