Our Hotel: Sheraton Hotel Crown Center, 2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO. 64108 


The Kansas City International Airport (MCI) has just undergone a massive upgrade in the form of a brand-new terminal that opened on 2/28/2023. If you’ve flown into or out of Kansas City before, be prepared for a completely new experience! The new terminal has an I-shaped layout, featuring different levels for drop-offs and arrivals, an array of restaurants, a set of gender-neutral restrooms, a pet relief station, and a quiet room for anyone prone to sensory overload.

There is, unfortunately, no hotel-provided shuttle service to or from the airport.  The options for getting from the airport to the hotel are to rent a vehicle, take a Super Shuttle, or a taxi. 

This link shows a map of where to go to pick up taxis, shuttles, and the Ride KC bus.

Average pricing for Uber: $38-$55 depending on the type of Uber. 

A Super Shuttle trip to the hotel averages around $98, and best used for if you and several other people need a ride to the same place.

Taxi service rates $2.50 plus $2.10 per mile. Sheraton is 20.4 miles from the airport, approximately $45 cost.   

(Estimated cost as of March 15, 2023.)


For people arriving via train, the Amtrak station is much closer. Thanks to the Link, it is even possible to walk from Union Station to the hotel without ever going outside! If anyone who prefers to travel by train is mobility-impaired or has another disability that could cause them difficulties, Accessibility can provide assistance in getting them to the hotel prior to the convention, and back to the train station afterwards.

The Link and the KC Streetcar are excellent ways of getting around the immediate downtown area. In addition to the maps attached to the end of this document, we plan to compile specific directions for navigating the Link, which will include getting to/from Union Station and the nearest Streetcar stop.


Major Interstates that go through Kansas City area I-70 (East & West), I-35 North to South, and I-29 (North).  If you are driving to Kansas City, use Google Maps or other maps to plan your route. 

There is a parking structure next to the Sheraton Crown Center hotel on the north side but is not owned by the hotel.  Parking is $25 for self-parking per day, $35 for valet parking per day. The hotel can add parking to your hotel bill, and you pay when you check out. 

However, the nearby Crown Center parking (with its garage connected to the hotel by the Link) has an hourly rate up to $25 (which is also their lost ticket fee), and the garage also hosts electric vehicle charging stations at various locations throughout their parking complex.

UPDATE: It appears, much to our sadness, that Crown Center has done away with their free parking on the weekends. Their parking rates are as follows:

  • 0–1/2 hour: $7
  • ½–1 hour: $11
  • 1–2 hours: $12
  • 2–3 hours: $13
  • 3–4 hours: $14
  • 4-5 hours: $15
  • 5–6 hours: $16
  • 6–24 hours: $25
  • Lost Ticket Charge: $25

Validation from one of the Crown Center shops will get you a few hours of discount.

For more economical options, https://parking.com/ allows for a search and reservation of all of the local parking lots.